Asparagus Plant

Many people think this is a fern plant asparagus. Cursory form of its leaves are similar, but asparagus is a member of liliaceae, that does not exist relationship with fern or ferns. 
Many types of asparagus are all beautiful and attractive leaves. Characteristic of this is the leaves of crops were sharp, lush growth of dangling or straightened, and the color green to yellow-green leaves. With such a figure is not surprising that plants from South Africa is very suitable planted in pots to decorate the room.Here are some types of asparagus are common and sold in a variety of nursery: 
Asparagus densiflorus "Myers" 
Unique leaf shape, like a squirrel tail. That is why many people often call it a squirrel tail asparagus. His figure was somewhat distorted compared to his brother. He did not grow up dangling, but straightened. Even so, his trademark is still apparent. The leaves are needle-shaped small pieces fill the entire surface of the trunk. Arrangement of leaf shape that resembles a bottle brush plant that also makes it dubbed a bottle brush. The color of fresh green leaves there are, some are yellow-green. 
Asparagus densiflorus' Sprengeri " 
This species is popularly known as ferns Doren, although not actually a fern. Branched stalks leaves filled with leaves of green needles. The growth of hanging, this type sometimes flowering keecil white, which then turned into fruit. 
Asparagus myriocladus 
He is popularly known as star of asparagus. Stem is woody and much branched. The growing upright, leaves a small needle and strung like a star that's what earned him the title star of asparagus.When young leaves are yellowish and then gradually became green. 
Asparagus water 
This type of figure can not be high, most high only reached 25 cm only. The leaves are also smaller than his brother leaves, so the smoother texture, the color of fresh green leaves. In the morning usually leaves covered with dew points, so he dubbed the asparagus water. 
Asparagus for concatenation Flowers 
In addition to other types of asparagus as described above, which are generally grown in pots to decorate the room, there is one kind of another, namely asparagus plumosus. Type one is usually planted in the yard and the leaves can be cut flower arrangements as a complement.